Born:  February 2, 1935

​Passed:  January 06, 2009

Wife:  Donna, 4 Children

             5 Grand Children

His Corvette:  2005  Silver Coupe

Joined Corvettes of San Diego:  November 18, 2005

Dwight wrote on his membership form:

   My roommate in college had a 1957 Red & White Corvette, we drove the car 1680 miles in 25 hours, 20 minutes. 

Dwight was a "Car Guy" and when he read about the innovations of the new C6 Corvette he had to have one. What many do not know is that he was also a great inventor and received his first patent in 1965 and over all acquired 85 patents.  His patents ranged from natural gas regulating devices to a dog leash that he could operate with gloves on.  His gas regulator Axial Flow Valve allowed him to travel around the world.  That valve has been copied by at least a dozen manufacturers and is currently being built in many countries around the world.  Dwight created tooling and a pumping system to force slurry through grill work and allow proper coating of the area.  Dwight would never take "it can't be done" for an answer, and would seek to find the answer.  Did you ever have to jiggle the handle on the toilet because the flapper was hung up, well Dwight eliminated that problem, one of the first vinyl flapper ever made.  He also invented the first faucet that could be installed from the top of the sink and as a spin off he created hook-up kits and adapters for all size connections.  These are just a few of the many products that Dwight invented over the years but hopefully it is enough to help understand Dwight better.  His creativity and generous spirit will be missed.

Dwight Johnson

Corvettes of San Diego